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33rg International Geological Congress, Oslo, August 2008

Project leaders

Geological Museum, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark;
David’s research interests include fossil brachiopods, history of biodiversity, and computer-based methods for the analysis and modelling of fossils and their distributions.
For the project, David leads the team that has to develop Ordovician sea-level curves. But he is also the leader of the Baltoscandian working group.
Jun Jun LI
Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China;
Jun is working mostly on Ordovician palynomorphs.
He accepted to establish and coordinate the working group on biostratigraphy and correlations, in cooperation with the chairmen of the Ordovician (Chen Xu) and Silurian subcommission (Rong JiaYu).
Institut für Paläontologie, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany;
Axel’s main research fields include diagenesis of carbonate rhythmites, Palaeozoic micro- and nannofossils, stable isotopes and Silurian climate.
Within the frame of IGCP 503, Axel accepted to be coordinator of a working group on isotope geochemistry in the Lower Palaeozoic.
Alan Alan W. OWEN
Division of Earth Sciences, Centre for Geosciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow,  Scotland, UK.
Alan’s expertise encompasses trilobite palaeontology, biodiversity change, palaeobiogeography, Caledonide terrane evolution, and sedimentary geochemistry and stratigraphy.
Within Project 503, Alan has responsibility for the work on patterns of biodiversity change and corresponding databases.

Thomas Thomas SERVAIS
Laboratoire de Paléontologie et de Paléogéographie du Paléozoïque, Université de Lille, Lille, France;
Thomas is a specialist on Lower Palaeozoic organic-walled micro-phytoplankton.
As the chair of the project, Thomas is responsible for co-ordinating project work of all other leaders and also  is  responsible for communication with  the IGCP headquarters and UNESCO.
But he also leads the working groups on palaeogeographical reconstructions and climate modelling.
Peter Peter M. SHEEHAN
Department of Geology at the Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee, USA;

Peter’s research focus is on evolutionary patterns and paleoecology. His main speciality is mid-Paleozoic brachiopods but also sequence stratigraphy.
Peter will be the coordinator of a working group on palaeoecology changes during the Lower Palaeozoic.